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Learning from Assembly Technical Papers


Technical papers constitute a major resource for learning about semiconductor manufacturing and engineering.  Below are some findings from technical papers that engineers can benefit from.  





Assembly Front-of-Line


Die Preparation

Dicing Process at Extremely Low Deionized Water Resistivity


Die Attach

Low Temperature Die Attach for Enhanced Quality and Reliability in Hermetic Packages

Low Stress-Low Outgassing Thermoset Polymer Die Attach Adhesive

Moisture and Thermal Degradation of Cyanate-Ester-based Die Attach Materials

High Thermal Conductance Liquid Encapsulants for Direct Chip Attach

Contribution of Bondline and Ejector Needle Stress on the Occurrence of SOHED Cracked Die



Ball Bond Strength Improvement Through Capillary Design Optimization

Ball Bond Quality Improvement Through Heater Block and Clamp Design Enhancement

Elimination of Bond Cratering Test Failure by Optimizing Secondary Ball Bond Parameters

70-Micron Pad Pitch Capillary/Fan-out (Determining Other Critical Parameters)

High Speed Wire Bonding on Hybrid Amplifier Modules Using Ball-Stitch-Stitch Technology

The Interaction Between Thermoplastic Die Attach Adhesive and Thermosonic Bonding

PBGA Wire Bonding Development



Eliminating Front-of-Line Related Die Crack

Backside Crack Elimination of Au-Back Wafers with Small Die Sizes

Leadframe Storage Life: A Key Factor in Obtaining Optimum Wirebond Quality


Assembly End-of-Line



Moisture Absorption in Electronic Molding Compound



Plating Chemical Cost Reduction Through Effective Utilization of the Soluble Anodes

Organic Contamination in IC Package Assembly and Its Impact on Interfacial Integrity

Plating Thickness Capability Improvement Through Effective Control of Variations

The Nature and Influence of Suspended Solids in Tin-Lead Plating Bath

Solderability Performance of Variant Solderplate Morphologies

Solder Bridging in SOP Package



Low-Stress Leadframe Design for Plastic IC Packages

Determination of Optimum Ink Viscosity Range and Standardization of Thinner Addition


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