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Learning from Test/QA/FA/Rel Technical Papers


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Technical papers constitute a major resource for learning about semiconductor manufacturing and engineering.  Below are some findings from technical papers that engineers can benefit from.  





Test / Back-end


Electrical Test

Resolving Product Test Handler Jamming and Over-rejection Through Assembly Lead Forming Tool Modification

Contactor Failure Characterization in Device Testing



Tape and Reel Over-rejection Problem Elimination Through Modified Carrier Tape Design

Back-end Test Flow Simplification Through Class Test at Sort (CTAS) Approach


Quality Assurance


Dodge Skip Sampling: A Cost-Effective Plan for a Statistically Based Sample Size Reduction

The Determination of Gauge Repeatability for Destructive Tests

Effect of Equipment Design on Die Shear Strength Variability


Failure Analysis / Reliability


Failure Analysis

Die Backside Fault Isolation Approach in Micro-Ball Grid Array Package

Failure Analysis Approach on Margin Delta Failures in Stacked Chip Scale Package

Resolution of Pin#17 Broken Wire Customer Complaint

Failure Analysis of Assembly and Test Process-Induced Die Cracks in Thin Plastic Package

Understanding Protective Overcoat Damages: Failure Analysis to the Next Level



Delamination in Plastic Package

Effects of Mold Compound Properties on Lead-on-Chip (LOC) Package Reliability During IR Reflow

Solder Joint Reliability and Life Predictions for BGA Package with Relaxed Coplanarity

Validation Study of Compact Thermal Resistance Models of IC Packages

Delamination Cracking in Encapsulated Flip Chips

Thermo-Structural Behavior of Underfilled Flip-chips



Vacuum Sealing: A Cost-Saving Solution to Extend Leadframe Shelf Life


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